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Low Poly Sheep Farm

I am learning 3D modelling. From a painter/printmaker perspective, 3D is an entirely new way to think. It is more like sculpting, architectural drafting, and photography. I enjoy the challenge of new ways to make art, plus the geometric shapes from this ‘Low Poly’ style are really cool.  My math teacher would be thrilled to know I have been using those skills I never thought I would use in real life.

blender low poly render of sheep on a hill
Here is my first render of the scene.

Here is the same render with a little bit of texture and color adjustments added.

This scene isn’t complicated, but making it has been a good exercise in modelling basic shapes, arranging them in 3D space, and lighting..and it’s been fun to learn.

I’m using a software called, Blender. It is open source, which is awesome. It’s free, and created by a community of people all around the world who love what they are doing. You can learn more about blender at the blender foundation’s website here:

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, or want to talk about the process.

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