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Love One Another

Every month, I visit a different small town and invite everyone to join me in making an art maga(zine). Our theme for February’s ‘zine’ is LOVE. For my entry, i designed/carved/printed this linocut.

Instead of creating an illustration about romantic love, I chose to explore the idea of ‘Love One Another’. Kindness is something I am trying to get better at, and this print has been my reminder. The magazine is printed with a laser copier, so, in the magazine, the ilustration will be black and white.

I printed these RED linocuts with my traditional press to raise $300 so I can buy more paper (yes, it’s really possible to spend that much on paper!) – The image is 8×5″ and printed on a 9×12″ cotton paper. You can support my work (and help me buy the paper I need) by purchasing one of these prints for $25- not only will you get a beautiful handmade linocut, but you will also be helping support my art supply/paper habit. For over 10 years, all of my income has come from art making, and your support. thank you for making it possible!

Love One Another – Linocut
$25 – Free shipping to the USA


UPDATE: Thanks to everyone’s generous support, I was able to order my paper. Also 2 new cans of ink. My heart is full. thanks everyone for your kindness.

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