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Little handmade opossum porcelain beads

Some of the best inspiration comes from playing and having fun in the studio! I was squishing a little ball of porcelain in my fingers, until the clay became a opossum!

I poked a hole on it, and now its a bead! The first one brought me so much joy, I made another! What in the world will I make next?!?!

4 thoughts on “Little handmade opossum porcelain beads

  1. I love opossums so much! What will you do with these?

    1. i was going to mail them to a friend who is a jeweler to see what they can make out of them. it still needs to be fired and glazed. one has cracked during the drying, so ill probably make more. do you want one? i can make one for you!

      1. I would love one if you end up with an extra! ❤️

        1. i’ll make one especially for you. check back with me in about 2 weeks

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