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Let’s Play With Chalk

A great idea came out of the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild Blog.  We are going to create a chalk mural on the great blank canvas of a floodwall that is at the corner of WALL street and FRONT street. (next to my studio)  The event will take place on May 8th from 5-9pm as part of the Maysville Art Walk, Tromp+Trolley and all children between the ages of 1-100 are invited to participate!004

It will be a great opportunity for me to practice my chalk drawing skills, because the very next day in Burlington, KY, I will participate in the Burlington Sidewalk Chalk Festival.  I have no experience in chalk art, but my good friends Butch and Mary Ann at the Tousey House in Burlington offered me a meal at their wonderful restaurant.  I can’t sing for my supper, but I will gladly make a chalk drawing!  The event is Saturday, May 9th from 9am-6pm.  I have an ambitious idea, you will have to come and see how it turns out!whereIWouldRatherBeRightNow

I have been very busy getting ready for Friday’s art walk…along with other important projects.   I have not been making much art, and when I don’t make art, it’s like a psych patient not getting their medicine… So found some time to do a large drawing with charcoal and chalk on paper.  It’s titled “What I would Rather Be Doing”  I am very much in love with this painting.  When i finished it, I spent at least an hour gazing at it with a big grin. 

2 thoughts on “Let’s Play With Chalk

  1. maybe I should have titled it “Cheaper Than Therapy”…lol!

  2. I love it just the way it is dont change the title. It is YOU.
    Dont forget to call your MOM.

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