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kiln opening 7/18/2020

My first kiln load using only porcelain. Porcelain is a beautiful clay, with a rich history. It does take some extra care, and there is a learning curve. Still—over half this load are beautiful. Some are going to need some touch ups, and a few are going to end up in the garden. They are on my front porch, if you want to see them in person.

Click any of the photos below (or right here) to see the gallery with photos of all the pots from the firing

7 thoughts on “kiln opening 7/18/2020

  1. New Collection looks good Ken!

    1. Thanks Mike! I’m already trying to use what I learned today, and film the kiln again soon!

  2. Beautiful collection! Are some or all of these for sale? I’m a little (a lot) enamored of a few! I like putting pottery in the garden too- when I break a favorite piece, it ends up out there under a special flower or herb and makes me smile the same as if it was in use in my house.

    1. Thank you! They are all for sale. Cups are $40 plates $80. Some need a retouch firing, and won’t be available until next week. The surface design on all the pots is hand carved and takes some time. They are dishwasher/microwave safe. The catch us that I only sell in person. I think you need to see them in person and hold them in your hand before you know if it’s the right one for you. You are welcome to come see them on my front porch. It’s an open air space, and I use masks/hand sanitizer/etc, so it’s relatively safe. I’ve also thought about putting them in my trunk and driving around, so people can see them in person that way…if there was enough interest. I’m trying to think of new ways to show and sell my work, since my retail space in Cincinnati is too close of quarters for me to feel good about having people come there.
      Porcelain has a learning curve, so my garden is filling up with pots that didn’t make it. I need to get a ceramic drill bit, so I can have drain holes and plant flowers in some of them!

      1. The rejects will be the most charming flower pots! If I was closer, I would shop your front porch- it’s the perfect arrangement and your prices are very fair. It’s kind of fun to think about a traveling show too. It’s interesting and encouraging to see how this time has prompted so much thinking outside the box.

  3. That yellow!!! These pieces are wonderful. You should for sure get the ceramic drill bit. What a happy garden space it would make.

    1. i love the yellow too! the perfect color for these summer months! the drill bit is on my list of things to pickup the next time i go out. im trying to be a good citizen and only leave home once a week. hope alls well. thanks for all the comments!

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