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Kentucky Wonderland


I just finished a big and important project, and am ready for another art adventure. It starts today, and here are the details.


I am going to ride my bicycle along the Ohio River from Maysville, KY until I reach Paducah. From Paducah, I plan to follow the TN/KY border across the state until I reach the Daniel Boone National Forest. I will cycle north through the forest, making a giant loop through most of the great state of Kentucky.


While on this trip, my goal is to travel slow. I plan to stop often and make a lot of art while on the trip. I have been on a few long distance bike trips, and it’s easy to get obsessed with miles-traveled-per-day and miss out on the reason for taking the trip in the first place!


I’m in Ripley, OH today, it’s been chilly. I’m going to camp somewhere between here and Georgetown, OH so I can hit Mycle’s Cycles (the only place I take my bike) tomorrow, followed by a day in Augusta, KY.

9 thoughts on “Kentucky Wonderland

  1. Sounds like fun. Be careful and I look forward to seeing all the wonderful from your big adventure.

  2. I mean all the wonderful “art”

  3. Wow-how long will you be gone? Sounds cool!

    1. Hi jane, I have to be home by may 12 for old washington’s garden days. I am giving a free plant based printmaking activity to the community.

  4. Have a friend in Paducah you might be able to connect up with. Going to see her myself in a couple of weeks.

    1. Beth, it would be great if we could meet in Paducah. I will try and time my trip so I am there while you are too

  5. Hope we’ll see you when you are in the L’ville area. You might be ready for the hot tub and comfy bed! A

    1. Annie , I would appreciate it! It will be great to see you…it’s been too long 🙂

  6. Hope you have a great trip. Stay safe.

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