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july 26, 2007

july 26, 2007
Yesterday was my birthday. I spent it in the Huron National Forest.. Afthr a restful sleep in the forest, I visited the Lumberman’s Monument in search of a cup of coffee. The friendly ranger directed me to a camp/supply shop 3 miles away. the store was classic…with pictures of record breaking catches by fishemen. They also have pictues of the building of the dam.
I painted at Ioaga springs, which provided abreathtaking view of the Au Sable river. I stopped to paint the view. After returning to the monument, I saw a series of exhibits that recreate the logging process back when the Lumbermen were paid 2 dollars for 16 hour workdays(meals were included). The highlight of the exhibit was a floating camp. complele with skillet and flapjacks. It gave me some serious ideas about my next trip…Harland Hubbard style.
After painting pine trees by the river, I returned to my bike, where a note was attached to my bike. It asked me to please visit campsite 18. After getting directions from the ranger, I was greeted by the couple i met in Saginaw, who pointed me to the rail/trail in Bay City.
They were so happy to see me. they explained that they often took long distance hikes, and knew the value of a hot meal. Bonnie insisted on cooking me an omelet, while I looked over the m.ap with Jim.. They were an extrodinary couple. together, they had hiked 100+ mile trails. Jim was an avid cclist and canoe paddler….and this couple camped in style. their camp was relatively empty…due to the majority of campers need for electricity. they had a hummingbird feeder fresh potted flowes, and it was obvious they loved the outdoors. bonnie packed me up with cookies, and i said ‘happy trails’ to my friends for the second time.

It was reassuring to know that I am not crazy after all. Or at least I’m not the only one!
After leaving the park, I stoppcd beside the river, and had a refreshing dip. It’s amazing how clear the water is. You can see the fish swimming beneath you.