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Jim + Jennifer


In St. Augustine, I met two of my best friends.  Jim Lally and Jennifer Gleason.

Jennifer is a local farmer, and an artist with food.  Visit her website at to see what I mean. We shared a campsite, and she cooked an amazing gourmet meal over the fire.

That night, we watched the moonrise over the ocean, then woke up early for a sunrise walk on the beach.


Jim collected shells, and started to create a ‘mosaic’ art piece with shells at the point where the ocean meets the land.

Fascinated with his project, I used my camera to film the process.

Here is the finished video:

We combined our talents to create this video.  Jim wrote and narrated the poem, Jennifer edited the footage.

The Cox Gallery in Maysville was having an opening for their latest exhibit ‘Visual Poetry’ where artists were challenged to combine art and literature.  We were able to edit and upload our video in time for the opening.  The video was special because it was created on Olivia’s birthday, it is dedicated to her.

This is the first time I have collaborated with other artists while on the road.   The creative energy was incredible, and now I am confident that my idea of an “Art Circus” will be something special.  I am going to be on the road for another week.  If any artists are interested in coming down to Florida to make some art, let’s meet up!  I’ll be in the Ocala National Forest from Thursday-Sunday if anybody wants to escape the cold and do some camping.


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  1. Love the videos. And the disclaimer that the work is not finished!

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