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Jeff Hensley

I made it home in time for Jeff Hensley’s exhibit, "black barns" at Artcroft.
Jeff’s awesome show featured paintings, sketches, sculptures and photos inspired by Kentucky’s classic black barns. Artrcoft is off the beaten track, but the crowd came out and the gallery was packed the entire show.

I was able to get this pic of Jeff with Artcroft founders, Robert and Maureen Barker.

During the show, I walked with friends to the barn to visit Shirley and her newborn babies.  The brown and white baby goat burrowed deep in the hay bales, got stuck, and was missing for days.  We were all afraid that we lost the baby until it was rescued.  I took a little video of the hungry baby being reunited with it’s mama.  If you don’t see the video above, you can see it on youtube using this link:

Thanks Jeff, Artcroft and Shirley for such a great day!!