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its a lot of fun working hard

I spent much of the labor day weekend helping my friend at his restaurant in Augusta, Ky. I made a trip to Cincinnati to help my friend Samuel Ruder frame some work
 for an upcoming show.   
Monday I did some kayaking on the Ohio River.  
Tuesday, I made a trip to trip to Cinci to get some framing supplies
and stopped at NKU.

I had driven by the campus often, but never stopped to visit.  
It looks like a nice campus.  
I am not sure if I would want to drive 45+ minutes for class, 
but the the campus looks nice, 
and the technology building appeared to have all the 
comforts a geek like me needs.  
I even managed to get a halfway decent panoramic 
snapshot with my little pocket camera.

I offer printing services to local artists,
and have spent the rest of the day cutting matts,
and assembling matted print all day, but it
sure is nice to do work that I love for a living.  
It makes it much easier since the artist’s 
(Barb Clarke) work is so nice to look at.

Oh yeah, If your in Belleview this Sunday, stop by and say HI, I’ll be at Art In the Park…it’s from 12-5pm.