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iPad sketching – New Richmond, Ohio

Awhile back, my life got busy with a lot of nonsense, and I found myself rushing from one thing to another. Nowadays, I am trying to slow down, and enjoy the things around me.

sitting under a tree along the Ohio River in New Richmond, Ohio

When I sketch, it forces me to slow down, and think about what I am looking at.

The challenge for this sketch was to use my iPhone instead of ipad. The small working area took some getting used to, but with practice, the iPhone could be a good sketching tool. The battery life is the biggest obstacle. This sketch took 40-50 minutes, and used 25% of the battery.

IMG_1031 (1)
Here’s another sketch (back on the ipad) of the river and marina at New Richmond, Ohio. I don’t consider any of these sketches a finished piece…it’s just a way for me to work out ideas and compositions.

One of my favorite ways to see these little river towns is by boat.

IMG_1030 (1)
Front street-New Richmond, Ohio

Sketching with an ipad on the Ohio River, facing New Richmond
If you don’t mind a few waves, the perspective from the river is great.

I love music (especially traditional folk/mountain/bluegrass), and every Wednesday, the Front Street Cafe in New Richmond, Ohio offers live bluegrass music. I enjoyed a delicious meal with friends, and sketched the band- East Fork Junction. The music was great, but it was a challenge squeezing all 5 of the musicians in the sketch.

IMG_1029 (1)
I love these little river towns. New Richmond, thanks for an inspiring day!

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