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ipad sketching in Madison, IN

After a few days of traditional art making, I switched gears, and enjoyed a day of sketching with my ipad while in Madison, IN.   IMG_7828
I love traditional arts, but also welcome the new technologies.IMG_0570
Regardless of whether you are using pencil, paintbrush, charcoal or an ipad, drawing skills are an important part of art making.IMG_7806
Drawing from real life gives me a chance to capture more than just the information in front of me…I get a chance to edit the scene and capture the ‘feeling’ of being in a place.IMG_0571
I usually don’t work from photos…all these sketches are drawn from life.  I took the photos afterwards so you can see the scene and compare it with my interpretation.IMG_7810
For me, working from a photo hurts more than helps.  The photo becomes a kind of ‘crutch’, and I depend on it for reference, instead of following my instincts.IMG_0572
It’s interesting using an ipad…you can draw, or use the tools and approach the work more like a painting.IMG_7832
…and I haven’t even started drawing with color!  The possibilities are endless.

Thanks Madison for a great visit!  You are a great river town