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Ipad painting-Sunday Pickers: step by step

I took my iPad with me to the Asparagus festival last weekend, and did some sketching while enjoying a bluegrass concert in the church.

After getting the hang of it, ipad sketching is similar to using pencil and paper. I try my best to avoid using photos in my work, because i prefer to draw from life…not only does it help me improve my drawing skills, it also allows me to interpret the scene while trying to capture it.

One advantage of the ipad is that I couldn’t see the banjo player from my view, but once i realized he was there, i wanted to include him in the sketch. I simply made a little room, and sketched him in. My favorite app for sketching is Art Studio. It doesn’t have the best brushes, but it will let you make selections and move/scale them, which is a valuable feature during the sketching process

Once my sketch is done, I make some adjustments, and start to fill in the spaces with color

Then I put the drawing through a texture app – (i think this layer was scratchCam)

After texturing, I start working with the paint brushes in Procreate. In my experience, it is the most responsive, natural feeling brush app for the ipad.

I put my images through different apps, (Snapseed, distressedFX, grungeHD, etc) and then stack them in layers in ArtStudio, then draw/paint on top of the composite with Procreate.

Over time, with many layers, textures and brushwork, I will develop an image that is interesting to look at.

The finished artwork…created 100% with iPad

If you love this painting as much as I do, and want to hang it in your home, or give it as a gift, I am printing it on watercolor paper with archival inks. It looks great, and I really appreciate when folks can support my work. You can order one and see more of my work by following this link:

2 thoughts on “Ipad painting-Sunday Pickers: step by step

  1. Ken, I’m amazed what you are able to do with the iPad. The simplicity of not having to carry tons of supplies with you yet the steps to your finished art is complex. Keep up the marvelous work.

    1. thanks Brian. I am amazed by it too!

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