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iPad drawing in New Smyrna Beach

small boat

I have been drawing with the ipad for awhile.

some people misunderstand the idea of digital art, and only associate it with photo manipulation.

new smyrna beach drawbridge with sailboats
this is a photo i took while sketching the drawbridge at New Smyrna Beach

ipad sketch of New Smyrna Beach Drawbridge with sailboats
this is the sketch.  it is my interpretation of the scene through drawing techniques, no photography used.


ipad sketch of marina at new smyrna beach
i love drawing on location.  it gives you a richer experience than working from a photograph
ipad sketch of river in new smyrna beach.  docks, sailboats and lighthouses are in the view
one benefit of working digitally is that i don’t have to carry as many art supplies
ipad drawing of marina with sailboats at new smyrna beach
i can also explore an idea differently than using traditional pencil and paper

River at new smyrna beach including sailboats docked and condos in the distance
it’s a great addition to my artist’s toolbox

Houses on the river in New Smyrna Beach
What kinds of digital tools are you using with your artwork?

2 thoughts on “iPad drawing in New Smyrna Beach

  1. Those are very nice drawings, Ken!

    1. Thanks Halena!

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