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I’m trying not to become a pothead


I identify myself as a artist/painter.  Like in the picture above. 

I can’t afford to heat my entire studio, so sometimes I work at the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild building in Old Washington.    It is warm and cozy there , and has great light.


Unfortunately, there is a pottery studio downstairs, and I am friends with a few potters who make their work look so fun.   Here are a few pots that I threw, when I should have been painting.  WARNING!!  A little fun in the clay can lead to heaver stuff.

So yesterday morning, when it was –2degrees, I ended up at this beautiful site at the Artisan Center at Maple Creek  to help load their two chamber wood fire kiln. 


The loading lasted until about 5pm, and the high temp that day was 16 degrees.  Fortunately, the company was good.  (9 times out 10 potters are great people to know)


Here’s a photo of the first chamber loaded and ready to go.  The firing will last for 30+ hours, and the kiln will be opened next week. 

BTW, if you want to be there for the kiln opening, it will be part of the Artisan Center’s CLAY AFFAIR, January 24th-25th from 10am-6pm. 
You are invited to come and
buy a pot,
watch someone make a pot
or roll up your sleeves and throw one yourself!