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I’m Moving!

Don’t worry, I’m not going far!   I have been given the opportunity to live in a 1790’s timber frame house in Old Washington’s Historic Village.   Don’t let the modern siding fool you, this house is one of the oldest in Maysville. 


The house is smaller than my current studio, so I am looking forward to simplifying my life, eliminating unnecessary clutter, and focusing on what is important to me…making great art. The house has a room with good north light, which will make a great studio!

12 thoughts on “I’m Moving!

  1. ps. Thank you Claudia Moose for the photograph

  2. It looks like a nice place to live/work.

  3. Welcome to Washington! Looking forward to this historic site being occupied and utilized.

  4. I have recently been working on wallpaper removal in one of the rooms of the historic timber frame house and have uncovered jet another Old Washington jewel.It is an astonishingly handsome wood plank interior/complete with origional trim,most of which has never been painted. It is truly the marvel which historians dream of. It has thus far been a labor of love. I am anxious to complete it. It is just awesome. I am looking forward to sharing it with others who have appreciation for it.

  5. Another wonderful asset for the historic neighborhood of Washington!!!

  6. How exciting, Ken! Old houses are wonderful.

  7. Ken,

    It is charming. I am excited for you, can’t wait to swing by and see you.



  8. Ken,
    congratulations – enjoy the house, post some pix of the interior and your studio space!
    please? 🙂 Tony

  9. Oh, I’m so exited it is all working out! Maybe i can come by and lend a hand?!

  10. Oh, man, now..if I come up, I still have a place to stay, right?! LOL!

    1. amigo, mi casa es su casa!

  11. Thanks to Mike for letting me know about this! Ken, I am so pleased that you are moving to Washington, and into one of the historic homes that we treasure. Hope you both enjoy your stay!

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