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I wish I were A writer…it’s hard to describe such a great day with words

Saturday, I visited the covered bridge festival at Goddard, Kentucky, where I enjoyed the picturesque covered bridge, live bluegrass music, and local arts and crafts. I am replacing my manufactured kitchen dishes with artwork by local potters, so I left with a few BEAUTIFUL pots. I won’t show the pictures, but if you come over to my studio for something to eat, I will show them to you!

Toby Fried and Pam Wiseman

Dana Sorrell

Robert Barker With Resident Dog

I did not have as much time as I would have liked to stay at the festival. Artcroft was having an opening of their recently built gallery. It is a special treat for Artcroft to be open to the public, and I was looking forward to seeing the series of paintings that resident artist Rebecca Meredith.

Rebecca Meredith

It was her last day at Artcroft. My personal favorite painting from her residency was a small portrait of Maureen Barker. It has a beautiful quality, and captures the spirit of one of my favorite people.
NOTE TO Rebecca: I would like to show your portrait of Maureen on this post, if you can send me a copy sometime?


Akirash did a drum performance, and showed his artwork…an amazing body of work after only a week at Artcroft! I can’t wait to see what he does for the rest of his residency.

Clip of Akirash’s Friday Drum Performance At Banana Tree Studios

Sabine Heinlein read a chapter of the book she is working on. It was a privilege to get a sneak peek of a writer’s work in progress. After only hearing one chapter, I can’t wait for her to finish so that I can read the rest of her work. Sabine is a socially conscious journalist from NYC. You can see/read/hear some of her work at her website.

Sabine Heinlein

Jim Lalley and Maureen Barker recited their poetry. I always enjoy watching/listening to writers performing their written work. It adds a whole dimension to the work.

Maureen Barker

Jim Lalley and Robert Barker

At the end of the evening, I was invited to join Jim and Jennifer Gleason at their farm, where we sat under the stars and had a great finish to a beautiful day

I don’t have the talent to use words and describe the great things happening here in our little patch of Kentucky. But I think there is something special about the people and things happening down here. Of course I am biased, since I am hopelessly in love with this part of the country!