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I Traded One Of My Paintings For A Picasso!

I was doing a framing job for a friend. She had a black leather portfolio to transport her unframed artwork. While going through the portfolio, she suggested I might get a kick out of seeing her signed Picasso Lithograph.

It was given as a gift back in the seventies by a family friend who had a gallery in NYC and represented Picasso for many years. The gift did not really fit her personal taste, so after spending a few years in the bathroom, it was removed from it’s frame and stored for safekeeping.

If you didn’t know, I am a fan of Picasso’s work, and was excited to see the lithograph. It was from his series “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe”.  In the 60’s, he  painted hundreds of different versions of Manet’s masterpiece.

While i was an artist-in-residence at artcroft earlier this year, I fondly remember going through their beautiful book about that series, and discussing the with a fellow resident.  The experience gave me a lot of insight on how an artist can develop an idea into a series.

Back in my studio, my friend suggested that she would trade the Lithograph for one of my paintings if I wanted, because she would rather have my work on her wall…what an ego boost!