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I need to quit meeting people like this

I did it AGAIN!!!

As you all know, I was very excited about the open house  at Artcroft.  It is a farm outside Carslile, KY offering a residency program for artists.  I will do a residency there next month, so I was particularly interested in visiting the farm.

To make a long story short, I mixed up the times of the open house.  The open house was from noon to 5pm, and somehow,  my brain thought that meant it was from 5pm to 8pm.  So when we arrived at 5:45pm to see very few lights on, and 2 vehicles in the driveway, I was sure that I had come on the wrong date.  Robert and Maureen Barker were very friendly, considering the circumstances, and we were shown the farm and art studios…met the artists in residence and had the opportunity to see their work.

I regret that my first impression to the folks at Artcroft was the stereotypical role of a scatterbrained artist, but I get the impression that they are used to dealing with creative people on a regular basis and they understand how we get lost so easily in the time space continuum.



2 thoughts on “I need to quit meeting people like this

  1. i’m going to quit kicking myself, but I just checked, and I had the times right in my Outlook, my phone’s calendar, and the events section of this BLOG!!! What is wrong with me???
    holy moly! I’m too young to be losing my mind…i haven’t even cut my ear off yet!!!

  2. So you did say something about cutting off your ear after all.

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