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I messed up…

I’ve had this website for over 14 years, and technology has changed a LOT in that time. After one too many ‘upgrades’ without proper maintenance, my site has become so slow, it’s almost unusable.

To get back up and running, i’m starting with a ‘clean slate’. The new site will be snappy, modern and quick to load, making it easier for you to keep in touch with the latest projects in my studio. I know you are busy, and I hate to have to ask you to do anything, so most of the changes will happen behind the scenes, just keep visiting the site like normal, and moving forward it should keep working better and better. Missing posts and art will return, and some new features too!

Comments are where I have a problem and need your help: I have lost all my previous comments, which is really tough for me, because the conversations I have with my friends is what makes sharing art on the internet so much fun. If you’d like to keep the conversation going, follow this link:, to make sure you are on the new, improved server, then keep the comments comming.

While you at the new site, if you like getting new posts deliverd by email, be sure to sign up again. you can do it in the top right corner. This will make sure that you don’t miss any of my new artwork and posts.

Thanks for your patience during this crazy time. Hopefully once I get everything up and running, I won’t have to do another overhaul like this for at least 14 more years!

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