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I did it…a treadmill desk!

In January, I stopped sitting at my desk and converted it to standing.  I wrote about it here on my blog:

I’ve gone one step further, and put a treadmill under the desk. NOW I am WALKING while working.  The treadmill is set to 1 mile per hour.  I never break a sweat, and can feel my brain working better, since my circulation is better.  If I spend 8 hours at the desk, that’s 8 miles walked…I lost 5 pounds in a week! 


4 thoughts on “I did it…a treadmill desk!

  1. Way cool!!! Dad’s not a believer — yet.

  2. You never cease to amaze me!!!Hope to see you this afternoon.

  3. Now that’s great thinking. Keep that wrist straight though!
    Pity I can’t alter the height of my desk to do the same.

  4. So far, I’ve lost 12 lbs.

    Elaine, I ended up raising my desk higher so my wrists were more comfortable.

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