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I am an artist

Between school and personal stuff, I haven’t painted for a little over a week.  As soon as i smelled the turpentine, and started putting paint on the canvas, I was overcome with joy. I feel awkward in most situations.  It’s only while painting I feel in my element.  Why do I let so much time pass?

It’s kind of like running.  I am good at finding excuses not to do it, but once I get started, I wonder why I waited so long.



1 thought on “I am an artist

  1. Totally agree with you Ken, I have no excuses for not working on that big painting thats blocking up our dining room, but still it remains incomplete. Then I just get up, for no apparent reason, and crack on with it. The thing is done in a day and I wonder how many other projects I could’ve completed in that demotivated deadzone that I’d just been through!

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