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Here’s Some Of What You Missed Last Week

I’m running behind on my updates…here’s some of what I was doing last week!

I took a handful of photographs of our local artists for the Tromp + Trolley website

Joe Brannen At His Workshop
Photographer, Tom Ross


Planted a tree for Earth Day

Attended a Kiln opening at the Artisan Center At Maple Creek, image
and sketched a “Kiln Opening” idea for a painting022
Stopped at at Bromwell’s in Cincinnati,to see my good friend Pam Wiseman’s Artwork.
And had my socks knocked off by the clay artwork of Tracey McClorey .

Then finished the evening catching up with the artists at the Pendleton Art Center.

I’m busy getting ready organizing our upcoming art show in Maysville, but hope to get everyone up to date with one more blog post, so stay tuned.

and, If your looking for a good opportunity support the arts and buy a Ken Swinson original on the cheap…follow this link

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