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Happy Groundhog’s Day!

The official word is that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this year, so let’s all try and stay warm for the next 6 weeks!

Here’s some of the latest:

prissy Cow under Tree
She’s a little prissy with her front legs crossed, but she should be…she’s such a pretty little cow!
oil pastel with irridescent gold and bronze…you really have to see this one in person

winter Fields
oil pastel painting of a spot I ran into while driving on a crooked road. I took a wrong turn, and thought I’d do some sketching to get my bearings…i took the sketch home and painted this beautiful painting!

winter Holler
While driving the backroads in Kentucky, I came to a beautiful spot where the road curved and there were lots of cedar trees in a hollar with a little house. I pulled over and made a little sketch, then painted it at my studio.