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Georgetown, ohio Grant’s childhood home

Today i came to Georgetown, Ohio with a goal of painting US Grant’s Childhood home.

The childhood home of US Grant

After sketching the front view of the home, i decided that the light wasn’t right for a painting, so i walked around, looking for a better view.

The back view of the house

The back of the house had much more interesting light, so i sketched it out, and was surprised that the composition wanted to be a panoramic.

The values and composition worked out for the painting

I decided to ignore the bright blue sky, and emphasize the orange bricks and yellow light bouncing off everything

Not only did i get a good painting, but i also met quite a few really nice people, like Vince and Bobbi Shelton, a retired couple (celebrating 50 years of marriage) who are traveling to see all the different homes of the different presidents.

They have been to all except, Obama, Ford, Reagan, Nixon, both Adams and Kennedy…isn’t that a cool project!?!

UPDATE i stayed long enough, the light is where i wanted it, so im going to make my original painting. Stay tuned for updates as they happen

Composition and values worked out…time for color
Finished! Us grant’s childhood 4 1/2×6″ oil on wood panel