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Friday At The Tiger Lily Press While The River Rises

river rising monotype

Friday morning, I put some ink through the press at the Tiger Lily Press.

finished monotype

I have been thinking about spring, and plants growing…also, the river has been rising.  That is the inspiration for this monotype.

Susan Naylor inking a collograph

Susan Naylor gave a great collograph demo/workshop

Susan Naylor demonstrating collograph techniqueJanet Finn working on her collograph

Janet Finn working on her collograph

Susan Naylor with finished collograph

Her collograph/aquatint is amazing…photos do no justice, you have to see this in person.

Rick Finn with japanese woodcuts

I also got a chance to meet Rick Finn, and watch his incredible Japanese woodcut technique.Close up of Rick's Japanese woodcuts
This reduction woodcut has 7 layers…still not finished, but it looks great!

Jay Harriman and Rick Finn at the Tiger lily PressJay Harriman investigating his metallic blue block print

Jay Harriman did block prints using a very interesting metallic blue ink.  It’s another one of those you have to see in person.  The effects of the ink don’t photograph well.

Fresh ink at the Tiger Lily Press

If live in the Cincinnati area and have an interest in traditional printmaking, visit the Tiger Lily Press.  You’ll get a chance to meet our region’s most talented printmakers…and get a chance to explore this fascinating medium