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Fresh Art Sept 15-16

I’ve double checked my calendar, my car is running, and I am not going to miss this event. It’s a fun fundraiser for the Behringer-Crawford museum. They have a great collection of Harland Hubbard’s paintings.

If you haven’t heard of Harlad Hubbard…imagine Henry David Therou living on a homemade shantyboat on the Ohio river as a painter…

The event is called ‘Fresh Art’. Local painters meet at Devou Park, where the museum is located, and they create a work of art (start to finish) within the boundries of the park. Sunday evening, the museum hosts a dinner and auctions the paintings.

here’s the link to the ‘fresh Art’ website

Jason D. Geil, from the Enquirer took a great photo of me at last year’s Fresh Art. here’s a link to his photo

I’m planning to paint from Drees Pavilion. It’s such a great view!