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Framing the Blues with Grey

I’ve been getting ready for Final Friday at the Pendleton Art Center, and I wanted to have some of the work from my trip down south on display.

I have some unique colored linocuts, and I wanted to frame them in a way that makes them stand out.  I decided to use a grey matt.
I am really happy with the way the grey brings out the blue in the print.

Framed linocut artwork from Ken Swinson's art trip to florida.

Saturday, I am going to continue working on my goal of being “on the road” 6 months out of the year.  I am going to follow the Ohio River down to the Mississippi Delta area while making art.

If you want to follow me on the trip, be sure and stay tuned to this blog, and also sign up for my email newsletter.  I am going send an email once or twice a month with exclusive art and notes from the trip.

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