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Forest Scene–ANIMATED

I was sketching up ideas for a block print or serigraph, and came up with a design I couldn’t resist animating. 

Here it is:


Just in case it doesn’t work, here’s a still version for you:


What do you think?  Comments appreciated!

12 thoughts on “Forest Scene–ANIMATED

  1. how did you do that? that is really cool.

    1. Thanks Mike! The picture was made with a program called Illustrator, then I used another program called After Effects to animate the picture.

  2. Awesome Ken…I think the buck in the back is jealous because the doe stopped to check out the buck getting the drink…umm!

    1. Thanks Paula! …another case of ‘three’s a crowd’!

  3. Love it. How much fun is that. I love how your art is always evolving-never stagnant.

  4. So cute! I love the way the 1st buck “bucks” his head back as he head for the stream. 🙂

  5. Thanks Beth! I try to always keep trying something new with my art…

    Lorraine, glad you like the ‘buck’ that was the trickiest part of the animation.

  6. This is so good. Jeff even thinks its cool. 🙂
    Are we still on for tomorrow before class or after?

  7. Thanks sue+jeff! Let’s meet after class…i’m running behind setting class up. See you soon!

  8. Ken it is really awesome! You just keep getting more fantastic!

  9. Ken,

    Love the animation, but how about producing the image as Xmas wrapping paper?
    You know us, always looking at the commercial aspectts!!!
    Had a discussion with our Sri Lankan friend and he would be happy to let you have his guest house for a nominal fee………………..he’ll let us know.
    See you soon???

    1. Wow! It would make awesome wrapping paper:). Thanks for helping me find a host in Sri Lanka. I’m excited about a new cultural experience!

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