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Florida Linocuts

Earlier this month, I spent two weeks wandering around in the south.  The goal was to learn to make art while on the road.  I was successful at making 3 videos, 4 charcoal drawings, and lots of sketches.  I thought the sketches would make great linocuts.

Carving a linocut

So I carved them, and took them to the Tiger Lily Press for printing.

Tiger Lily Press studio manager, Susan Naylor, helping me with a rainbow roll

I usually use one color with my prints, but I wanted to do something special, so I asked master printmaker, Susan Naylor for help.

rainbow roll printmaking

She showed me how to do a ‘rainbow roll’ a technique where multiple colors are on the roller at the same time, creating a beautiful gradient.

linocut of the drawbridge at New Smyrna Beach, Florida
I used blue and white,

linocut of marina with a boat in Florida
These photos were with my phone, and aren’t the best, but you should see a darker blue on the edges of the print

lighthouse, boats and river at new smyrna beach in florida
I will have these new prints along with some of the other work from my trip on display at the Pendleton Art Center this Friday and Saturday.
Florida Linocuts
Come see the new art (and me) I will be leaving Saturday afternoon for a 3 week trip following the Ohio River to the Louisiana Bayous, where I plan to explore the Dixie South.

I have been trying to do a better job at keeping in touch with my friends and people interested in my art.  I am going to start sending a special email once or twice a month (i promise not to spam your email box every day) with exclusive updates about my art projects.  So if this is something you might be interested in, follow this link and sign up:

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