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Finally…a chance to paint…and bike (at the same time!)

It’s been another busy couple of days.

I tended bar at George Clooney’s party at the Beehive after the screening of his movie “Leatherheads”…didn’t get home until 3am.

The next day I went to Artcroft to mix some glazes. While moving, I discovered a lot of unfired pottery. I would like to get them glazed…if for no other reason I can use the dishes at my new place. It was nice to visit the farm again. It was like going home in a way…felt very comforting and familiar.

Wednesday was a beautiful day. I received the postcards for the April 7th exhibit at my studio, and noticed that the date was wrong! Guests would have to time travel to see the April 6, 2007 artshow.

Instead of deal with that crisis, I thought I would mount my art supplies on my bicycle and do some painting. I have not had a chance to paint since leaving Artcroft. (It takes a lot of time to move…and frame 60 new paintings!)

After a really long window shopping session on sites like, I have been inspired and I am trying to develop a way to mount my art studio onto my bicycle. I love riding my bike. Not only is it great exercise, but it gives you an opportunity to slow down a bit, and enjoy the scenery.

My first stop was the top of Sutton hill in downtown Maysville. Sutton hill has a great view of Downtown…

I want to put a few finishing touches on this one, but you can get the basic idea for the painting.

My second stop was a view of the houses on the river on the East side of Maysville. The wind picked up, and there were a few instances when I needed to chase my painting down the street!

I’ll put a few finishing touches on this one too!

So now I’m home…putting 7s on the 6s and 8s on the 7s…for 500 postcards!!! I will probably have blisters