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Everyone Is Unique…just like everyone else!

AugustaFerryTriptych While working on a block print of Augusta’s ferry, the Jenny Ann, I made an interesting discovery. 

you can use different inks in different stages of the process, resulting in a variety of styles.

For my next woodblock project, I wanted to print an ear of corn where each print is unique.  I carved 3 blocks in the reduction technique, using a different color combination for each pattern.

The biggest challenge was cleaning the block, and brayer every time I switched colors.  The results were worth in! 

I decided to title the series “Everyone Is Unique…Just Like Everyone Else”  because the prints can be a metaphor for each of us.  We are all unique and beautiful, but we also have a lot in common. 

Each print is 1of 1.  The woodblock was destroyed in the reduction process, so I will never be able to print more corn prints.   Below is a photo of the block after printing.  Notice that everything has been carved away except the leaves and border.  This single block was used for all parts of the print. 


The finished prints are going to be matted in acid free mat board, with one of my classic black handmade wood frames for $120.

everoneIsUnique If you want to give one as a gift to one of the unique people in your life, let me know, because they ARE one-of-a kind. 

I also have 10 Jenny Ann woodblock prints available for the Augusta lovers out there.