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east tawas mi 7.24.2007

greetings from east tawas MI.

I had a very frustrating morning. l slept beside the highway, disturbed every-so-often by a passing truck or woodland critter. l was freezing and damp and tired. My hands were chapped from not wearing gloves, I was sunburnt…you get the idea. I was not having the experience that I set out to have…oh yeah, did i say it looked like rain?
Then there was East Tawas.I had breakfast at Mcdonalds…afamiliar comfort, then visited the local wal-mart for some gloves, a raincoat, and some food for the road.
Across the street was a park with a marina. The light was that morning light painters dream of…pink,purple, and blue with clouds in the sky…is there going to be a storm, or is that light peeking through the clouds?
I decided to paint the maina, in spite of boats being a difficult subject to paint. I was greeted by a friendly boater who asked about my travels. I told him about my trip, then found a place to paint on the pier.
A pair of women stopped to watch me paint. Barbara, owns a gallery and art supply shop overlooking the shore. she sells paints made with honey as the binder. The pigments look rich, l’m eager to try them out.