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DNC Party In Augusta Kentucky

As a general rule, I don’t like to talk about politics. I am an artist, and it’s not my job to think about our country’s complicated and messy political issues …. wait a minute…I forgot, it IS THE JOB OF ARTISTS to remind people of what is good and beautiful, and to talk about important issues…ESPECIALLY POLITICAL ONES THAT EFFECT THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY!! So, of course, I support Barack Obama for the U.S. President!!

I was honored to join my fellow democrats yesterday in Augusta at the Darley’s house to watch Obama’s speech.

Greg and Mica

Bertha and Greg

Jim, Deb, Nina and Rosie


Gail, Mica and Nick

Greg, Tony and Me

Catherine, Charlie, Mea, Chris and Debbie

It was a pleasure sharing the historic moment with such good democrat friends. Thanks to the Darley/Emersons for hosting a great party!!!

And yes…I am painting a HUGE OBAMA BANNER to hang on my studio!

If you don’t know much about him, a look at Barack Obama’s website…your going to LOVE his plan for the country!!!