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Day 3


I spent half the day in Augusta. It’s no secret, but Augusta is one of my favorite places. 12 years ago, the sleepy river town charmed me when I was visiting from Virginia. I fell in love, and the rest is history!


I have painted many of Augusta’s scenes, and wanted to try something different. Standing by the ferry, I sketched an unusual view spanning from the ferry to the Beehive tavern. My plan is to make a tryptic with this design.


I also stopped to sketch one of my favorite historic homes. It was built in the 1830’s and is currently “Jackie’s Place”. Not only is the house beautiful, but it is also open to the public…a rare treat for a visitor to the city.

I stopped by the Augusta Art Guild with a DVD player, so I could display the ‘digital’ portion of my show (which runs until the end of the month) Click here for more details.

I was told that tomorrow’s weather included 90% rain, so I spent the rest of the day on my bike, determined to reach my studio in Cincinnati.


I was doing EXACTLY what i did NOT want to do during this trip. I was only 3 days in, and already rushing to reach a destination. My goal is to travel slow, so I have time to enjoy the different things I encounter along the way…but staying dry isn’t bad either!

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