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Day 2 – April 12,2012


I had a lovely cup of tea with my artist friends in Ripley, and they showed me a nice place outside town where I could camp (Thanks Mick and Jeanne!)


After a cold night sleeping with the sounds of wildlife and waterfalls, I woke in a beautiful forrest filled with wildflowers.



I tried to make a movie with instructions on making a cup of tea in the woods. I am using an ipad, and wasn’t prepared for the technical limitations…I have been spoiled with full video editing software. But stay tuned, I hope to have movies to share soon.


I was having some problems with my bike, so after breakfast, I headed toward Georgetown to meet Mycle’s Cycles.


Michael built my bike 2 years ago for my bike trip to Washington DC. (Read about that trip here) While he worked on the bike, I sketched him with Roxanne, the wonderdog.


From Georgetown, I stopped at a park in Higginsport, where I met a fellow named Clyde Abercrombie. While spending 5 years in prison, he used old cigarette packs and parts from lighters to make artwork. He built this motorcycle, with working parts.


He also made this tractor, complete with a plow to pull, and a tool box with tools. (notice the spark plugs). Here’s Clyde’s phone number for those interested in his prison/folk art: 513.405.2124


After leaving Higginsport, i ran over a small piece of glass, and got a flat tire. It was no problem fixing the tire…i figure it’s good to run into the technical difficulties while still close to home.


After fixing the tire, I hopped on the Augusta ferry and crossed the river. Ohio is a great state with super people, but it is good to be back in the bluegrass state!


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