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New Woodcut – Morning Run In The Bluegrass

US Route 62 goes through some beautiful parts of Kentucky’s Bluegrass region. The long views of fences, barns and horses, running in the fields are spectacular.

woodcut of horses running in a field

I wanted to capture that feeling with my latest woodcut.

finished woodcut of horse farm in kenntucky
finished carving-ready to print

If you’d like one of these hand pulled woodcuts (and also support my work!) you can order one through my online gallery, or with the button below

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Carving-Squirrels Getting Ready For Winter

Today, I carved my latest woodcut; Squirrels getting ready for winter.

Over the last year, I have been learning to print larger. (one secret is to use bigger knives) I want to make original, hand printed art that can fill a large space (while still being affordable). I’m thinking of younger people, just starting to put a house and art collection together. 16×20″ is a big size for me, but I really love working in this scale. Compared to working in smaller formats, these really make a great presentation

It took the whole day (and cramped hands) to carve the print, so I squeezed the whole process into 30 seconds. My plan is to print it tomorrow at the studio. Keep visiting this website for updates to see progress on this print (and my other projects)! 

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UPDATE:Bear Under A New Star

Update: Here’s a video of the carving/inking/printing of my latest woodcut…i think it came out great!!!  One thing I love about big prints is that their presence changes the entire room. This one really cheers the place up.  It’ll probably take a week to dry. Once it is, i’ll offer it to you all in the online gallery

If you would like to have one for your art collection, use the button below, and I’ll mail you one!

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New Colors – Gamblin Etching Inks

New Ink: from Portland, OR

After a busy week of studio work and traveling to see family, I was greeted by 4 new cans of printmaking ink. It was delivered to my doorstep.For the next week, you can find me busy carving, mixing ink and printmaking like a madman. 

Testing the colors

I’m still carving: haven’t had a chance to print these new colors yet. I did get to test them on paper–to see how they look. My favorite blue is pthalo, so I’m hopeful I can learn to work with ultramarine.

Here’s a preview of what I’m carving today. It’s the courthouse and church at Versailles, KY. The street in front of the courthouse is US ROUTE 62: one of the old highways from the 1930’s. It happens to also go right by my house and studio in Old Washington!

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2 Foxes Under The Stars – Woodcut VIDEO


I’ve been printing, printing, printing this week at the cabin. Our first open to the public event at the LOG CABIN PRINT SHOP is coming up THIS WEEKEND. We are giving a FREE ACTIVITY: use our old-fashioned press to make your own Christmas card.

If you can’t make the trek to Old Washington, I’ll also be at my studio at the Pendleton Art Center, THIS FRIDAY for FINAL FRIDAY.

Yup, a busy week ahead. Videos about art and printmaking on social media are fun, but but the EXPERIENCE IS EVEN FUNNER to see and print in real life. Come see me if you can!

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Printmaking Updates

Sometimes I get so excited about the ‘latest’ project, I forget to show you all the finished work.

Here are a few updates of the latest prints.

My latest greeting card: GREETINGS from Historic Route 62

The test proof of my 2 foxes under the stars woodcut.

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New Large(r) woodcut

I have been trying to work larger with my woodcuts, and for some reason (the holidays) I have been spending a lot of time making tiny little greeting cards. They are fun, but not helping me get closer to my goal of making big woodcuts.

So last night, I started a new woodcut.

I stayed up late into the night, and am still cutting this morning

my goal is to have it finished today or tomorrow…provided my hands don’t cramp up

stay tuned for more soon!


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Greetings From Historic Route 62

I am working on a project about US Route 62, and wanted to make greeting cards that I can mail to friends while traveling the historic highway (1930)

Once I traced the design onto the block it was time to start carving

I’m not sure what I was thinking with all the details in the words…careful cutting.

Got those tedious little letters carved…now to cut all the way around the USA

everything is cut, except one importand detail…

US Route 62 – from Niagara Falls, NY to El Paso, TX!!

Will carve later this evening and update with photos of the finished print.