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New Addition To The Studio–A Bigger Press!

I didn’t get a chance to post anything new on my blog yesterday, because I was driving to and from Bloomington, IN to pick up a new press.

The new press takes paper 20” wide.  I don’t have a pan large enough, so for now, I’m using my bathtub to soak the paper.


I’m not used to working so large; bigger monotypes force me to approach the artwork differently…I’m able to put much more detail into the work


Handling the plate and paper are a new challenge, but I think I’m going to like living large…


Once I figured out how to line the paper up and get it through the press, the print looks great! 


My first monotype on the new press.


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white line woodcuts

I ran into this video about white line woodcuts

This process is new to me, and I love to try new things…so now I’m eager to try it out. 

The process is from the 1930’s and inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement.  Popularized by the artists in at the art colony in Provincetown.

For one of my daily sketches, I created this digital drawing…to see how the design would look as a white line woodcut. 

9-18-10-white line river scene

I’m going to try and do it in woodcut sometime this week.  The process is labor intensive, but I think I will love the results…and it will be worth the effort!

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Printing At My Studio

Me with my press. 


Here’s my latest monotype.  I LOVE this one!!!


If you haven’t already made plans, come see my press and prints in person at my home/studio!  I’m having an open house from 1-6pm this Saturday and Sunday. Sept 18-19

WARNING:  just because the studio is open, that does not guarantee any kind of cleanliness

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Still Life At Ohio River Valley Artist Guild

The first Wednesday of the month, local artists meet at the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild for Still Life painting.

I worked in monotype, and brought enough supplies to share.  Here’s the artwork before going through the press.

Sue Gorman created a beautiful peacock in monotype.
Judith Foster painting.


Marilyn Lustik working in pastels.

Jennifer Gleason working in monotype.

Linda Kratzer, painting with a palette knife.

Guild director, Claudia Moose, setting up the still life.

My finished print.  I was interested in using strong line and black space. I’m very happy with it, and would like to do a series in this style.

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New Monotypes and A Video

I switched to a larger plate size for my monotypes.  With a printed surface of 8”x10”  I’m able to create more complicated monotypes.

Pig On Bike

Community Meeting

Pig In The House

Boat Ride

As always, this work is for sale.  You can buy with archival matting in a handmade (by the artist) frame for $140 or unframed for $70

Also, last weekend I participated in the Lake Waynoka Paint Out.  Here’s a 1 minute video:

follow this link if video does not appear above:

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Summer Monotypes

I have been busy pushing ink through the press, and wanted to give you folks a chance to see what is coming out.

Here’s a short video of my latest/greatest coming through the press:

Follow this link if you can’t see the video:

This Little Piggy is SOLD, but I am still looking for a home for these other great monotypes.
They sell for $60 unframed or $120 framed with archival matting and handmade frame by the artist.

Night Flight

Cow On Bike

Over The Top

Flying Cow

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Monotypes At The Kentucky Artisan Center

Sorry for taking so long to write an update.  June is my one of my busiest months, and it’s hard to sit still and write.

I want to thank everyone who came out to support me at my different events (you know who you are!).  I’m living my dream, and you all make it possible.

July 3, 2010 021

Saturday, I took my press to Berea for a demonstration of monotype printmaking at the Kentucky Artisan Center At Berea.

If you are ever traveling down I-75, be sure to stop.  The state-run facility showcases Kentucky artists and craftsmen.

July 3, 2010 009

It really makes me proud to be a Kentucky artist.  It’s refreshing to see a government program created to promote it’s local artists/craftsmen.

here are a few more monotypes created during the demo:





Thanks again to the folks who came to watch me and the press.  And a special thanks to Gwen Heffner at the Artisan Center for the photographs.

Also, The truck full of dogs monotype is sold!

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It’s Summer Time!!!

To kick off the summer, I spend a little time volunteering at Art Camp.  This year, I taught monotype printmaking to our area’s young artists.


I learn more than the kids…they are natural creative folks.


Summer is a great time for going outside.  I am trying to start a tradition with my artist friends of having a picnic once a week.

Seurat’s classic painting is the inspiration for this new activity.  I call it my ‘picnic therapy’.  We chose the date based on the weather report.  If you want to join us, get your picnic basket and monkey ready, and get in touch with me for details.

clip_image001One Last Thing: This weekend is your last chance to see me and my art for the season.  I don’t have another scheduled until October…Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival is one of my all time favorite art shows…I have some exciting new pieces that you can add to your collection.  Click their logo for more information.

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Wine + Printmaking = FUN!


This Saturday June 12, Downtown Maysville has a wine/art festival on Market street.  It’s a charming event surrounded by stunning architecture on a brick road beside our fountain with art, live music and wine from local wineries. 

I’m going to try something different.

I am exploring the art of traditional printmaking.  I’m bringing my antique etching press to the event to setup a temporary print shop. 


I spent the week carving a woodcut especially for this festival.  It’s appropriately a vine of grapes. 

Here’s the interesting part…

I am going to have a special edition of prints, but they will only be printed AT THE FESTIVAL.  Which means, if 2 people buy the print, it will be a very rare edition of 2.  If 30 people buy a print, it will be a special edition of 30.   They will all be printed on site.

You can read more about woodcuts here:

These are sample prints…to make sure the wood block was cut properly.

This will be a great addition to your art collection…so come early if you want the number one print.  If you haven’t had too much wine, you can help put your print through the press.  I am also going to print a few monotypes…which is fascinating to watch.

Read more about monotypes here:

One More Thing!!
I have updated the gallery on my website.  Unveiling 5 new paintings.  You can see them here: