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Barn on 68-south of may’s lick ky

 I should know better, but i keep trying to paint scenes where i am looking directly into the sun. Good thing i have sunscreen. Watch the comments for updates on the painting. Bonus points if you know where i am
heres my sketch. Time to set up and start painting!
I have my composition worked out, now time for color.
Painting into the sun can get crazy. I almost gave up on this one. I just cant quit when im painting in front of an audience, so i pushed through it. Im glad i did, because i learned a lot about the relativity of color, and im happy with the little painting.
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Us 62 road trip-mt olivet/cynthiana, ky

Im doing a mini road trip along us route 62. I stopped in mt olivet to paint the intersection of town, and its no surprise, that people there were super friendly. I met the mayor, a young lady brought me a cold bottle of water, and another bought me a delicious sandwich from the corner store! … And i got a beautiful painting! Small town southern hospitality is alive and well in robertson. Always a pleasure to visit!

The note the super nice young lady gave me..along with a cold water. Isnt that so nice?!?

Next stop, cynthiana, ky!

Greetings from cynthiana! I chose to paint the Rohs Theater…its a hub of creativity
The finished painting!!!

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Plein Air Painting with Kay Schafer in Maysville, KY

My friend and artist, Kay Schafer asked if I could show her a few of my favorite painting spots in Maysville. We decided to make a painting day out of it!

Thought id start the morning painting this scene…ive never painted this church before, and the light is nice.
compositiom and values… Ready for color
im happy with how it finished
decided to paint maysville from the ohio side. Thought it would be landscape orientation, but after sketching, it told me that it wanted to be vertical
values and composition worked out. I sure wish a boat would go by…
Maysville ky – river town 6×4 1/2″ oil on panel

Thanks Kay far visiting my little river town. Showing a guest around always gives me a fresh perspective of my hometown.

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Painting at Pine Mountian State Park

ISome views are too big for just one 6×4 1/2″ panel. The overlook at pine mountain state park

after spending time up on the mountaintop. I balanced it out with some time by the creek

my sketch of the creek

nothing more relaxing than listening to moving water… Nothing more anxiety inducing than trying to paint a scene when light is bouncing aroind everywhere. Yin and yang. Pine mountain state park

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My New Paint Box: Painting in Old Washington, KY 8 April 2019

I wanted to thank everyone who has supported my latest project-tiny plein air paintings.
I have already earned enough money to buy a new mini size paint box! It arrived today from utah, and im super excited for the rain to clear, and to get out and paint tomorrow!

i couldnt wait until tomorrow. The rain has stopped, and the light (and Phil’s pear trees) looks great at the corner.

composition and values worked out… Color time!
the paint box did great… Not a bad painting at the end of the day either – paxton inn-old washington ky
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Flowering Trees In Old Washington

im going to try to paint this scene before the sky falls ouy. Grey day, white house with white trees in the background – old washington, ky

i have the composition and values worked out. Time for color!
still working it out. Not a lot of color on a grey day with a white house and white trees, but there IS lots of color, i just have to look for it! Im down to the details…
thats another wrap! Im happy with how this lityle paimyimg worked itself out. My favorite parts are the impressionist liytle strokes… And its my neighborhood, a place i love.

Ive used up all of my oak panels!!! Im going to try to get home and cut some more before the rain arrives.