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I need to quit meeting people like this

I did it AGAIN!!!

As you all know, I was very excited about the open house  at Artcroft.  It is a farm outside Carslile, KY offering a residency program for artists.  I will do a residency there next month, so I was particularly interested in visiting the farm.

To make a long story short, I mixed up the times of the open house.  The open house was from noon to 5pm, and somehow,  my brain thought that meant it was from 5pm to 8pm.  So when we arrived at 5:45pm to see very few lights on, and 2 vehicles in the driveway, I was sure that I had come on the wrong date.  Robert and Maureen Barker were very friendly, considering the circumstances, and we were shown the farm and art studios…met the artists in residence and had the opportunity to see their work.

I regret that my first impression to the folks at Artcroft was the stereotypical role of a scatterbrained artist, but I get the impression that they are used to dealing with creative people on a regular basis and they understand how we get lost so easily in the time space continuum.



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School’s out!!!

Now that school is over, I will be able to focus on my studio work.

I am going to move my pottery equipment to the building at the Ohio River Art Guild.  The building is already set up with a kiln and wheels, but it does not appear to be used on a regular basis.  Maybe if an artist is using the space on frequent basis, it will encourage other members of the community to come and use the nice facility provided by the guild.

Now that school is over, I will be able to focus on my studio work.

I am going to move my pottery equipment to the building at the Ohio River Art Guild. The building is already set up with a kiln and wheels, but it does not appear to be used on a regular basis. Maybe when an artist is using the space on frequent basis, it will encourage other members of the community to come and use the nice facility provided by the guild.

This February, I am going to do a month long residency at Artcroft, an artist community in Carlisle, KY. I have never done a residency, but I am looking forward to producing a body of work while staying at the farm at Artcroft.

I have some work at the Fusion Gallery in Belleview, KY. If you are ever in the Cincinnati area, you should visit the gallery. They have some very nice art.

So stay tuned, I will be up to lots of creative mischief over the next few months.

Oh yeah, since I’m done with school, I should also start thinking about getting the bills paid.  I am now able to be more professional about inquiries about my work.  I have been notorious for being very slow with my follow-through in the past.  If I can do anything for you, or a friend, or a gallery/shop in your neighborhood, please let me know.  I am officially a full-time artist for hire!


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I love rock climbing!

Today, I am running chores in Cincinnati.

  •  Pick up framing supplies
  • Pick up printing supplies
  • Deliver Painting

The best part is that I am going to meet the painting’s owner at rockquest.  Where we are going to  climb fake rocks indoors!!!  This is one of my favorite things to do.  Unfortunatly, most of my friends aren’t interested in climbing, or it’s too far away, or they are too far away…and you can’t climb without a partner.  Can’t wait!



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Richmond Marathon

The race results are not officially in, but me, mom, sister, and brother-in-law all finished. It was perfect race weather. Richmond offers great views on their course.

Mom is a wonderwoman! Around mile 10, she started passing people at a constant rate. She kept it up for about 8 miles. As she passed a number of younger, talented looking athletes, I thought to myself,

“That’s my mom!”

At the beginning of the marathon, she swore “This is my last one…” laying in bed at the hotel after the race, she looks at me and says, “ok, maybe one more”.

I hope I can keep up with her when i’m her age.

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Hike on Appalachian Trail

I am back after a 5 day hike on the Appalachian trail.

Time and weather limited my ability to paint much.

It rained the majority of the trek, and I wasn’t prepared for the physical strain involved when you must carry all your food and accomodations on your back.  In spite of less than perfect conditions, I had a great time!

I am already planning my next hike…maybe when I finish school, maybe I’ll spend a month or two on the Florida Trail?

I have some artwork to show, but in the meantime, here are some of my snapshots while on the trip.  You can see some more of my photos from my trip:
click here to go to my pictures on flickr

I’ll try and post more pictures, paintings and videos from the trip soon!


this is one of the wild ponies that live in the highlands along the Appalachian trail.  His back came to my chest.

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Ubuntu version 7.10

I am supposed to be catching up on my schoolwork so I can take a week off for a hike on the Appalachian Trail, but I couldn’t resist the download for the Ubuntu upgrade. It looks like every geek on the planet has the same idea, because the download is going VERY slow. I won’t get to play with it until I get back from the hike.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Ubuntu is a popular version of Linux. It is a free, open source alternative to Windows and Mac OSX.

I must focus on SCHOOLWORK!


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September 14th – Judy Federer Day

For those who missed the retrospective of Judy Federer’s paintings at the Augusta Art Guild, I’ve posted a lo-fi video of the building’s dedication.


I am going to have to go back and see her paintings. The building was not big enough to hold all of her friends who came to celebrate her art. People were sprawled around the building, and I couldn’t navigate through the crowd to view all 88 of the paintings on display. Judy was special, we are sure going to miss her


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uh oh

I just suffered a major consequence of trying to do too much at once.

I missed the Belleview Art Show. Don’t tell the show organizers, but I thought the show was on Sunday. Something just wasn’t working right in my brain. Hyde Park’s artshow is on Sunday, and I guess I was confused.

I made the mistake because lately, I have been trying to do too much. School full time, A job, commission work, getting ready for the show…you get the idea.

To make myself feel better, when I picked my van up on saturday (I thought the show was on sunday) It ran for about 15 miles, and then it broke down! So my official excuse for missing the show was car trouble…it’s semi-true, and much less humiliating than the truth.

My apologies to everyone who came to see me at the show. This has been a real wake up call, and opportunity to get my priorities in check.