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Country Fresh Goodness

Spring is here, and it’s time to put ‘Bessie’ back in the garden to protect the crops


She’s watching the garlic right now!bessie

My friend, Sue Gorman stopped by with some of her farm fresh eggs.sueWithEggs

…and the darling Darleys came over and took some of Sue’s nutritious eggs home.


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This Year’s Garden–Bigger and Better!

One good thing about higher food and gas prices, it motivates me to spend more time on my bike and in my garden. 


Yesterday, farmer extraordinaire, Megann Thomas stopped by while I was planting red onions. 


In a few months, these babies will be big enough to eat!



And check out the garlic I planted last fall…they are almost 3 inches tall! 

This year, I am going to partner with my neighbors, and with their help, the garden is going to be bigger and better than ever before!  There won’t be any starving artists on my block Smile

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End Of An Era

I feel like I have lost one of my best friends.  The Beehive Tavern is closing.


It was more than just a place to go eat.  It was a cultural institution.  Musicians, writers, actors and artists all made it their home.  In the difficult times as a struggling artist, the Beehive was a place I could always find some work and a delicious hot meal.


Over the years, while working+visiting the Beehive, I learned  about history, music and art.  It played a major role in my development as an artist.


The Beehive will be open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then will be a collection of great memories.  I’ll be there all 4 days…


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Stick Tight Man Winter Walk–36th Annual


Yesterday was the 36th annual Stick Tight Man Winter Walk, hosted by Jim Lally and Jennifer Gleason of Sunflower Sundries farm.039_8_tonemapped
Unfortunately, I was in the city for the first half of the day, and I missed the group Winter Walk but I did get a chance to walk around the farm by myself, and enjoy a breathtaking sunset.

A wood stove with delicious local grown chili greeted cold walkers when they got back to the barn.

Followed by a evening of poetry

Live music, and dancing

We kept the chickens up all night…

One of my favorite artists, Sue Gorman, was there with her husband, Jeff, sketching the farm

Thanks for a great evening Jim+Jennifer, you know how to throw a great party!

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John Parker Painting featured artwork for the National Underground Conference

Last night, I was at the press conference and reception for the National Underground Conference, this year, it will be held in Clermont County this June.

I am pleased to announce that my painting of John Parker is being used to promote the event.  It will be used for the invitations, brochure, website, thank you notes, etc.

You can read a little more about the announcement here:

I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures, but hopefully, you can see the art on the banner at the press conference/reception.  (and a large print on an easel further in the room!)


If interested, I offer prints of the painting on my website. 

Follow this link for more information:


I won’t name drop, but at the reception, I met some very interesting and inspirational people, and learned that Eliza Harris was a real person who escaped from a farm in Dover, Kentucky.  Her story is well documented (in more than just ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’)  She actually crossed the river 3 times to rescue her children.

Follow this link to learn more about my Eliza Harris linocut:

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Support This Project

The advanced art students at Mason County High school published an Art Book featuring their beautiful relief prints.022
The books are for sale for only $10, and help fund the school’s art activities.

Contact Stephanie Martinez –

books can be shipped for $3


Our future looks good when kids are exploring traditional printmaking…DO YOUR PART and support this great project!

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October 2010…Wow! 10 Years As A Kentuckian

You may know, I was raised an “Army brat”, and NEVER lived anywhere longer than 4 years…until I fell in love with Kentucky.

I think it’s in my blood to keep moving around, but I haven’t left the 30 mile radius of Bracken/Mason county.  I love it here!

Here are my ‘old Kentucky Homes’ over the last 10 years:

The Webster Farm, Dover, KY

The Sanctuary Art Studio, Augusta, KY

The Art Farm, Minerva, KY


Art Studio on Front Street, Maysville, KY
033 (1)

The Goforth House, Washington, KY