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Fiona the baby Hippo

I have fallen in love with Fiona, the baby hippo at the Cincinnati zoo. So I decided to make a short animation to celebrate her first swim in the big pool. My busy sister even had time to make an original song to play in the background. You can learn more about her music here: You can see more of my short animations in my animation gallery or follow me on instagram, where I have been sharing a lot nowadays.


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new song-Every Day Gets Better

I am learning how to write music, and with it, a whole new way to express myself and share feelings of optimism. I have always loved music, but never thought I could make it myself. the older I get, I am learning that anything is possible, you just need to believe in yourself and do it. I have only been studying music for about 2 months, but I try to write 5 songs every week, and with each song, I get a little bit better. This song is very primitive (especially the singing), but I hope it comes across as a sincere work of art. the idea comes from my experience learning music, but I hope it inspires others to have a good day and try to develop their talents.

illustration for - Every Day Gets Better

I’m just learning, so any encouragement or constructive criticism is welcome.

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Song For A New Year

For the last couple of months, I have been learning how to make music. I was suprised to discover that the creative process of writing music feels very similar to painting, or other kinds of visual art.  In my studies, it’s been fascinating to learn how sounds have different frequencies that travel in waves. I believe that color is similar…it’s a reflection of light that also travels in waves at particular frequencies, which makes me think it all come down to energy, and the act of making a painting or music is a way of creating some sort of beautiful energy?  No wonder the process makes me feel so good!

So here is a little song I wrote yesterday for New Year’s Day, it’s titled, “Song For A New Year”

I realize that this song has flaws, and there is a good chance that it is derivative of a song that already exists, but it’s been a fun to make, and I am learning a lot by making music.

If you are interested in my music, you might be interested to see my music video, “Teased By A Squirrel” by clicking the button below: