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Printmaking Collaboration with Radha


I just started a printmaking collaboration with Radha, one of my neighbors at the Pendleton Art Center.  She is one of my favorite printmakers, using many traditional patterns from her home in India.  Visit her website to see for yourself.


These monotypes are the beginning of our collaboration.


I have used elements from my prints for the monotype…when they dry, Radha will print on top of them, we will pass the artwork back and forth until the artwork is complete.


Stay tuned, I’ll share more prints as the project develops

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Beautiful Blues



I am settling into my new space at the Pendleton Art Center.kenWithPrints (1)
I have been working in beautiful blues.  One project is a block print, titled “Serenade In Blue”. 

IMG_4747 (1)
I am limiting the print to 12, so holler at me if you want one.  They will make a great gift for any music lover.

Keeping with the musician in blue theme, i also created this awesome monotype.  Of course, there is only one monotype, but I love this composition, and might use it as inspiration for the next block print.

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New Addition To The Studio–A Bigger Press!

I didn’t get a chance to post anything new on my blog yesterday, because I was driving to and from Bloomington, IN to pick up a new press.

The new press takes paper 20” wide.  I don’t have a pan large enough, so for now, I’m using my bathtub to soak the paper.


I’m not used to working so large; bigger monotypes force me to approach the artwork differently…I’m able to put much more detail into the work


Handling the plate and paper are a new challenge, but I think I’m going to like living large…


Once I figured out how to line the paper up and get it through the press, the print looks great! 


My first monotype on the new press.


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Printing At My Studio

Me with my press. 


Here’s my latest monotype.  I LOVE this one!!!


If you haven’t already made plans, come see my press and prints in person at my home/studio!  I’m having an open house from 1-6pm this Saturday and Sunday. Sept 18-19

WARNING:  just because the studio is open, that does not guarantee any kind of cleanliness

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Still Life At Ohio River Valley Artist Guild

The first Wednesday of the month, local artists meet at the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild for Still Life painting.

I worked in monotype, and brought enough supplies to share.  Here’s the artwork before going through the press.

Sue Gorman created a beautiful peacock in monotype.
Judith Foster painting.


Marilyn Lustik working in pastels.

Jennifer Gleason working in monotype.

Linda Kratzer, painting with a palette knife.

Guild director, Claudia Moose, setting up the still life.

My finished print.  I was interested in using strong line and black space. I’m very happy with it, and would like to do a series in this style.