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drink the water

Travel Update: I’m still in. cdmx, waiting bus to Oaxaca. I have noticed that a lot of USA people warn me to “not drink the water” when I tell them I’m going to visit Mexico. I always let them know that I love Mexican water.

this brand of naturally occuring carbonated water comes from a spring in Mexico. and is one of the most delicious waters I have ever had… plain or with the salt and lime. I have already had 2 liters, and I feel better than ever! so my advice if you ever visit Mexico is: drink the water!

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My first experience with Mexican health care – mi primer experincia con la atencion medica de Mexico

I got sick while in Mexico, so I got to experience their version of health care.
Estuve enfermo cuando en Mexico, entonces tuve la opportunidad ver su manera de atencion medica.


Nothing serious, but I had a cough for over a week, and thought I should see a doctor about some medicine. I was nervous, because I don’t have health coverage while in Mexico.
No fue serio, pero tuve un tosa durante mas que una semana, entonces piensé que debe ver un medico sobre algo medicina. estuve nervioso porque no tengo seguro de salud cuando en Mexico.

doctor's office in Oaxaca, MX
I went to this small clinic, where a doctor checked my temperature, blood pressure, eyes, ears, nose and throat. He asked a few questions about my symptoms and allergies, then wrote a prescription for 4 different medicines.
Fui a este clinica pequena, donde un medico vió a mi temperatura, presion de sangre, ojos, oidos, nariz y cuello. Me pidó unos preguntas sobre mi enfermadad y alergias, entonces me escribó un nota para 4 distinto medicinas.

Pharmacy in Oaxaca, MX
There was a pharmacy next door, where I bought an albuterol inhaler, a decongestant, antihistimine, and antibiotic.
Hay un farmacia al lado, donde compré los medicinas.


This might look a little rustic compared to US health system, but it was professional, and sufficient, I am already starting to feel better—especially since the doctor’s visit AND medicine cost less than $20 USD.
Quizas parace poco rustico comparado con atencion medica de EEUU, pero fueron bastante y profesional. ya comenzo sentar mejor–especialmente porque la consultorio medico Y medicina costo menos que $350 MX.


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Some things I missed about Oaxaca – algos que extrañé sobre Oaxaca

I want to share some things from my first day in Oaxaca.
Quiero compartirte algos de mi primer dia en Oaxaca.
street art in Oaxaca, Mx - flor de pina

In Oaxaca, art is part of life. It is not only in houses and galleries, but also in the street
En Oaxaca, arte es parte de la vida. No es solo en casas y gallerias, pero tambien en la calle.

statue in corner of road in Oaxaca, MX
It is easy to find inspiration in such a beautiful city. Here is a quick sketch I made during my walk:
Es facil encontrar inspiracion en una ciudad tan belleza. Aqui es un dibujar rapido yo realizado durante mi caminar.
animated gif of progress sketch of Xochimilco-oaxaca


The sketch is a view from Xochimilco, a neighborhood with an organic market (every Friday and Saturday) in it’s church courtyard.
El dibujo es una vista de Xochimilco, un barrio con un mercado organico (cada Viernes y Sabado) en la patio de la inglesia.pochote organic market in Xochimilco

Oaxaca is world famous for their food. I was too busy to take pictures, but it could be the best in the world.
Oaxaca es famoso sobre el mundo para  su comida. estuve tanto ocupado grabadar fotos, pero es comida mejor en el mundo.

hospitality in oaxaca
It is great to see my friends again! They have welcomed me to their country, and it feels good to be at my home away from home.
Es grandioso ver mis amigos otra vez. Ellos me han dado bienvenido a sus pais, y siento bien estar a mi casa lejos de mi casa.


I also love the chance to speak Spanish. I was quickly reminded that I still have much to learn.  I hope the next 3 months will be  a great learning experience for me.
Yo siempre encanto la oportunidad hablar espanol. recordé muy rapido que todavia tengo mucho aprender.  Deseo que los 3 meses proximos estaran un experencia grande para me instruido.