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Hiking BuzzardRoost Rock Trail

I like to hike in the winter. The air is cool. No bugs or snakes.

And with no leaves, you can see the shape of the earth. A friend once described it as seeing mother nature with her clothes off.

Just outside West Union, OH is a Buzzardroost Rock trail. It’s a short drive from my studio. You can read more about the trail and preserve here.
The trail winds along a few ridges, and ends at a spectacular panoramic view of the Nature Preserve.


My dogs, and buddy Mike all had a great time getting outside…climbing big hills and enjoying the fresh air.

The drive to the preserve is an experience in itself. We followed a narrow winding country road through some of the prettiest country I have ever seen.
So if you’re looking for something fun to do in the West Union area…don’t miss this trail.