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A 3D Pug for my nephew

My nephew lives a long way from Kentucky, so when he asked if I could make a pug for him, I couldn’t resist. 

Here is the work in progress:

I also wanted to send him the wirefram, so that he could see some of the math/geomentry behind the artwork. He’s still pretty young, and I thought he might like to see how things work.

I’m an adult, and IM interested in seeing that kind of stuff…and that’s why I decided to share on my blog, because maybe it’s interesting for some of you too!

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Creek In The Hills – Finished!

This project took 2 days. Yesterday, I sketched out the composition and modeled the shapes. today, I did the coloring and lighting, and am excited to share with you:
the finished piece-Creek In The Hills.

3d low poly render of house beside creek

I am relatively new to 3d modeling. I know it has been very important in modern visual arts for many years already, so I have decided to learn what I can and incorporate it in my work.

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Creek In the hills-part 1

I am trying to use my website as a way to keep me motivated every day in the studio. My goal is to create something to share every day, but some projects take longer than others, and I didn’t finish anything today, so I will show you what I have done so far with my latest piece.

I am still working in 3D with the program, Blender, and I wanted to create a scene more complicated than the ones I have made in the past. I used my ipad to make a sketch and use it as the blueprint for my 3D model

.ipad sketch for the 3D design

Working from the sketch, I created this model.

rendering of my landscape with Blender 3D

This has some lighting problems, but I am happy with the overall shape of things.

Check back with me tomorrow, it should be finished. I’m working on the color and lighting today

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The Meeting – Blender3D

3D render of a cow meeting a bird
In my free time, I continue to learn more about 3D modelling with the program, Blender. 3d is a challenging and fun way for me to think about my art, and I learn a lot with every project. I’m getting a little more confident about building complex shapes, but the better I get, the more I want to learn. Also, I have been surprised to learn how long it takes my computer to render the final artwork.

example of rendering time with blender

For example, this picture is less than half way finished rendering. It has taken over 30 minutes for the computer to make all the calculations about lights relationship to the shapes and colors. Until now, I thought my computer could handle just about anything.  My art is only one frame, and I can only imagine how many computers and time it must take to render a full-length HD movie.

If you are interested in 3D modelling, I am using a free, open-source program called, Blender. This program is one of the best examples of what is possible through open source software, you can download a copy for yourself and learn more at their website here:

Please leave your feedback and constructive criticism. I am in the baby stage of learning, so i appreciate any encouragement and help.


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the magic of 3D-rearranging models/lighting

An amazing thing about working in 3d, vs 2d art is the ability to move and reuse elements. I took the characters from yesterday’s blog post, and rearranged them (and the lighting) to create an entirely new scene.

This is yesterday’s artwork:


Here is a look at the shapes rearranged without any coloring or lighting effects

mesh view of 3d sheep made with blender

Here is the art after the computer (takes a long time and) calculates the relationships between the lights and colors

rendered version of sheep in a house 3d art


The finished artwork after a little bit of work in Photoshop.

3d render of sheep in a house

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Low Poly Sheep Farm

I am learning 3D modelling. From a painter/printmaker perspective, 3D is an entirely new way to think. It is more like sculpting, architectural drafting, and photography. I enjoy the challenge of new ways to make art, plus the geometric shapes from this ‘Low Poly’ style are really cool.  My math teacher would be thrilled to know I have been using those skills I never thought I would use in real life.

blender low poly render of sheep on a hill
Here is my first render of the scene.

Here is the same render with a little bit of texture and color adjustments added.

This scene isn’t complicated, but making it has been a good exercise in modelling basic shapes, arranging them in 3D space, and lighting..and it’s been fun to learn.

I’m using a software called, Blender. It is open source, which is awesome. It’s free, and created by a community of people all around the world who love what they are doing. You can learn more about blender at the blender foundation’s website here:

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, or want to talk about the process.