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Ken’s ‘Art In The Wild’ – Historic 1800’s Cincinnati home

I was excited to get these photos of my artwork ‘in the wild’ at the home of two patrons of the arts from Cincinnati.


I don’t always get a chance to see my artwork after it leaves my studio or the gallery.


It’s an awesome feeling that my art is a part of other people’s daily life.


Thank you for sharing! I am honored that my artwork is a part of your beautiful home.

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Wow! Did I do that?

A friend shared this photo of one of my charcoal drawings of the Ohio River From Ripley, Ohio after having it framed at Leslie Spetz’s Gallery. It looks so wonderful, I wanted to share it with you all.
I am used to seeing my work in my studio or at a gallery…it’s usually in one of my frames, surrounded by more of my work. I am learning that the art takes on it’s own life when a collector brings it into their home. It’s a cool fusion of both of our styles and tastes…i’ll bet it is going to look even more amazing in her home. I don’t always get to see the art after it leaves me, so has been a treat! Thanks Rebecca!


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Florida Linocuts

Earlier this month, I spent two weeks wandering around in the south.  The goal was to learn to make art while on the road.  I was successful at making 3 videos, 4 charcoal drawings, and lots of sketches.  I thought the sketches would make great linocuts.

Carving a linocut

So I carved them, and took them to the Tiger Lily Press for printing.

Tiger Lily Press studio manager, Susan Naylor, helping me with a rainbow roll

I usually use one color with my prints, but I wanted to do something special, so I asked master printmaker, Susan Naylor for help.

rainbow roll printmaking

She showed me how to do a ‘rainbow roll’ a technique where multiple colors are on the roller at the same time, creating a beautiful gradient.

linocut of the drawbridge at New Smyrna Beach, Florida
I used blue and white,

linocut of marina with a boat in Florida
These photos were with my phone, and aren’t the best, but you should see a darker blue on the edges of the print

lighthouse, boats and river at new smyrna beach in florida
I will have these new prints along with some of the other work from my trip on display at the Pendleton Art Center this Friday and Saturday.
Florida Linocuts
Come see the new art (and me) I will be leaving Saturday afternoon for a 3 week trip following the Ohio River to the Louisiana Bayous, where I plan to explore the Dixie South.

I have been trying to do a better job at keeping in touch with my friends and people interested in my art.  I am going to start sending a special email once or twice a month (i promise not to spam your email box every day) with exclusive updates about my art projects.  So if this is something you might be interested in, follow this link and sign up:

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iPad drawing in New Smyrna Beach

small boat

I have been drawing with the ipad for awhile.

some people misunderstand the idea of digital art, and only associate it with photo manipulation.

new smyrna beach drawbridge with sailboats
this is a photo i took while sketching the drawbridge at New Smyrna Beach

ipad sketch of New Smyrna Beach Drawbridge with sailboats
this is the sketch.  it is my interpretation of the scene through drawing techniques, no photography used.


ipad sketch of marina at new smyrna beach
i love drawing on location.  it gives you a richer experience than working from a photograph
ipad sketch of river in new smyrna beach.  docks, sailboats and lighthouses are in the view
one benefit of working digitally is that i don’t have to carry as many art supplies
ipad drawing of marina with sailboats at new smyrna beach
i can also explore an idea differently than using traditional pencil and paper

River at new smyrna beach including sailboats docked and condos in the distance
it’s a great addition to my artist’s toolbox

Houses on the river in New Smyrna Beach
What kinds of digital tools are you using with your artwork?

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New Smyrna – drawing in the dunes

I wanted to visit my friend, Samuel Ruder, in New Smyrna Beach.


He is a great artist, and taught me a lot about how to make a living as an artist.

We visited a 1 1/2 mile boardwalk where you can walk through a natural dune area.

A lot of these natural areas are being destroyed to make room for resorts.

One reason the dunes are so important, they are a natural habitat for the sea turtle.  Samuel’s watercolor painting (above) illustrates the importance of the dunes.  Visit his site here to see more of his work:

We visited the dunes 2 separate times

Each visit, we took our art supplies and made work inspired by the dunes.

We were rewarded for our hard work by a gorgeous sunset!

of course, the dunes are beside a beach which is another separate place for inspiration…maybe next time.

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Jim + Jennifer


In St. Augustine, I met two of my best friends.  Jim Lally and Jennifer Gleason.

Jennifer is a local farmer, and an artist with food.  Visit her website at to see what I mean. We shared a campsite, and she cooked an amazing gourmet meal over the fire.

That night, we watched the moonrise over the ocean, then woke up early for a sunrise walk on the beach.


Jim collected shells, and started to create a ‘mosaic’ art piece with shells at the point where the ocean meets the land.

Fascinated with his project, I used my camera to film the process.

Here is the finished video:

We combined our talents to create this video.  Jim wrote and narrated the poem, Jennifer edited the footage.

The Cox Gallery in Maysville was having an opening for their latest exhibit ‘Visual Poetry’ where artists were challenged to combine art and literature.  We were able to edit and upload our video in time for the opening.  The video was special because it was created on Olivia’s birthday, it is dedicated to her.

This is the first time I have collaborated with other artists while on the road.   The creative energy was incredible, and now I am confident that my idea of an “Art Circus” will be something special.  I am going to be on the road for another week.  If any artists are interested in coming down to Florida to make some art, let’s meet up!  I’ll be in the Ocala National Forest from Thursday-Sunday if anybody wants to escape the cold and do some camping.