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Home Sick Art Fair – Tomorrow May 16, 2020

Tomorrow is the #homeSickArtFair !!! My original idea was to have a display on the front porch, but since the weather has its own ideas, I’m improvising a gallery inside the house. It feels really good hanging an exhibit. It’s been awhile, but this makes me feel closer to normal…even it it is still a virtual show. Hope you’ll come visit via Facebook and instagram. There are 16 participating artists. Tomorrow, use the tag #homesickArtFair to see everything happening at the fair!

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Upcoming printmaking exhibit at Appalshop

artists Ken Swinson and Lacy Hale at Appalshop

Printmaker, painter and muralist, Lacy Hale invited me to ehibit some of my printmaking work and artZines at the Appalshop gallery in Whitesburg, KY. I have been a fan of her work ever since meeting her online. Not only is her art beautiful and magical, it also has social conscious, and is closely tied to her community. She recently finished a mural for the 2nd Mountain Mural fest in Harlan, KY.

Lacy Hale Interview on wymt

She is interviewed as part of the news coverage of the event, and the story tells is a great example of why it’s so important to have art and artists in rural spaces. You can watch the MYMT segment here

mural in Whitesburg, KY
mural in Whitesburg, KY

As a rural artist, I’m interested in how we can help make a positive impact on our small towns. Whitesburg is an inspiring example of what is possible when creative people stay and make a positive change in their small towns.

Roundabout records whitesburg ky
Whitesburg has a record store and multiple live music venues
downtown whitesburg ky
busy downtown Whitesburg

For a small mountain town with only 2000 people, there’s a lot of creative type businesses, music venues, cafes and public art.

public art beside creek in whitesburg ky
public art beside creek

Most of the main street buildings were occupied, and my first impression was that it has a good energy, and is the kind of place I would want to visit again.

I had never visited Appalshop, but over my last 19 years as a Kentuckian, their documentaries have helped shape my understanding of our region.

analog film editing machine
analog film editing machine at Appalshop

I consider Appalshop to be a national treasure. For 50 years, they have used the power of arts and culture to create meaningful social and economic change in our region. It was a thrill to see their studio and to meet some of the people who make it happen.

Appalshop - Whitesburg, KY

Not only does Appalshop create documentaries — they also create filmmakers.

Across the street from their studio is another one of their programs: The Appalachian Media Institute (AMI).

Appalachian Media Institute- Whitesburg KY
Appalachian Media Institute

AMI is a community-based arts and education center offering training and resources for young creatives and filmmakers.

One of AMI’s editing rooms

The program has been helping young artists and filmmakers for over 30 years. The current program coordinator, Willa Johnson is an alumni of the program.

an artist/activist who i admire (Wendell Berry) painted by another artist/activist i admire (Misty Skaggs) hangs between 2 of AMI’s editing rooms

My printmaking exhibit will be at the Appalshop gallery from July 9 until August 22nd. I’m excited to announce that, at the closing of the exhibit (August 22), we are going to kick off our next artZine season by making one at AMI!

A great space to work and collaborate at AMI

This will be an opportunity for YOU to visit Whitesburg, and get to know some of it’s people–while making art together!

Our theme for Summer’s ArtZine is:

Art Makes the World Better by…

so go ahead and start working on your entries! See you in Whitesburg!

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El Pueblo Unido / United We Stand

I’m excited to be participating in the Cornbread & Tortillas Festival festival tomorrow (Saturday Oct 20th) at the Americana Center in Louisville, KY. we’ll be celebrating our cultures, with music, dance, food and art. I’ll have my press, and you can make your own el pueblo unido/united we stand woodcut for free.

estoy emocionado para participar en la fiesta de cornbread and tortillas mañana en el centro americana en Louisville, KY. celebraremos nuestras culturas con música, bailar, gastronomía y arte. traeré mi prensa para impresares este xilografia gratis: el pueblo unido/United we stand

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Arts Of All Sorts – Old Washington, KY

I made a short video of Old Washington’s recent: Arts of all sorts. The video was LIVE, so it’s a little bit shaky and I did do any editing, but it takes you into the moment of visiting our little village during an art activity. I’m so lucky to be a part of such a creative community. Thanks everyone for making it possible!

If you don’t have the time to watch the whole video, here are a few photos of the video’s highlights.

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Frontier Christmas Open Studio Printmaking -through the lens of my friends

This weekend, we celebrated Frontier Christmas in Old Washington. As always, I open my home/studio to the public, and give a printmaking activity. Both days were filled with friends (long – time and new) the whole weekend. I was so busy covered in ink and making prints, i didn’t get a chance to take any  photos (ok, i did take this selfie!)

Lucky for me, a lot of my friends who visited are ALSO artists, and THEY took photos, and gave me permission to share. You can click any of the photos to visit their websites/social media/email for more information about them and their work.

photo by Stan Briede


photo by Stan Briede


photo by Patricia Timm




photo by Stan Briede


photo by Patricia Timm

photo by Sharon Teegarden


photo by Sara Pearce (Paper With A Past)


photo by Sara Pearce (Paper With A Past)


photo by Brandy Riegle


photo by Brandy Riegle


photo by Sara Pearce (Paper With A Past)


photo by Sara Pearce (Paper With A Past)


photo by Stan Briede



photo provided by Suzanne Whitaker

Thanks everyone for making this year’s Frontier Christmas a special one. I love it when other artists visit and enjoy our historic little village. It’s especially wonderful when we get the chance to see our neighborhood through the lens of their cameras. Thanks again everyone for sharing your photos…and folks, don’t forget to click the photos to learn more about the people who took them.



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Show opening at Leslie Spetz Framing and Gallery–Louisville, KY

Friday night I had a great time at the Leslie Spetz Framing and Gallery.  

She is featuring my artwork this month, and for the show’s opening, I carved and printed a special block print to benefit the Arrow Fund:  a special group that takes care of severely abused animals, and works towards changing animal abuse laws in Kentucky.  Please visit their site, and support them if you can:

You can read more about the print here:

I met some amazing people, printed lots of prints, raised money for a great cause, enjoyed delicious cupcakes from The Drunken Oven, and sold artwork…it was a perfect evening.


This is loosely related, but before the show, i sat by the river in Louisville and made this little ‘sketch’..when I got home, I added a few interactive elements to it….  Touch the boat and train to see.

[kml_flashembed publishmethod="static" fversion="8.0.0" movie="" width="792" height="612" targetclass="flashmovie"]


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Good things come in 3s

Last night was final Friday at the Pendletonn art center, and what a great night! I was visited by some of my favorite people.


First, Dylan (my youngest collector to date) brought her parents, Mica and Greg.

Then, my friend (and gourmet cook) Debra brought a tomato + shrimp pasta for dinner. Thanks again!

Also, one of my favorite printmakers from the Tiger Lily Press, Susan Naylor came in for a visit.

There was a great crowd that night! Cincinnati really loves + supports the arts.

If you want to visit the studio, don’t forget, Today is Second Look Saturday from 11-3pm. It’s a good time to visit, since it’s not as overwhelming as Friday nights can be.

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Get out of the house and be creative!

There are lots of creative activities to enjoy…and they are all FREE to attend.


Saturday, April 15, Michael Colemire and I will offer a FREE screenprinting activity in Old Washington, KY from 12-5pm. Bring an old piece of clothing, and we will teach you how to print designs on fabric.
You can read more about the activity here:


Tuesday, April 19, there will be a meeting for a new writer’s group in Maysville, KY. More at

Thursday, April 21, I will be at indigeneous, a handcrafted gallery in Cincinnati, with my Press; Printing a special edition print. 50% of proceeds from the sales of the print benefit UCANN, united coaltion for animals.

All of these activities are FREE, and good for our community and your creative spirit. Please visit my website’s calendar for EVEN MORE awesome activities!