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Stacked Sheep-new woodcut

To celebrate the arrival of fall (wool season is right around the corner) I wanted to share my latest woodcut with you all. I have been working on larger (to me) woodcuts 13×20″ blocks on 20×24″ paper.

If you’d like to have one (and also support my work), you can order one below:

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Flannery’s Dream – Large Woodcut Print

I’m working on a series of large, hand made woodcut prints. I and wanted to share my latest, “Flannery’s Dream” the video below shows some of the process in making it:

“Flannery’s Dream” is a Kentucky folk story about a fiddler who was challenged to play a tune that had never heard before. He exhausted all the tunes he knew–without succeeding, then fell asleep. In his dream, he saw a bear with a fiddle. The bear chased him while playing a tune. The next day, he remembered the tune, and won the challenge!!!

If you’d like to support my work and have one of these woodcuts for your art collection. I am selling them for $60. You can click the image below for more information, or visit my printmaking gallery by clicking here

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County Fair: Lambs – new woodcut print!

Last month’s woodcut print went so well, I decided to carve another one.

I love the tradition of the county fair, and 4H children’s livestock presentation in particular. When everything goes right, the competition reminds me of ballet with animals. When things go wrong…that’s a lot of fun to watch too!

Here’s my latest print to celebrate the awesome kids who work all year to show off their 4H projects at the county fair. It’s another big one 15″x22″. If you live in the USA and would like one for your collection, buy one, and i’ll even ship it to you for free!

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Circle of Friends

For August’s ArtZINE, our theme is: Life Turns Full Circle. We are celebrating a full year of visiting different small towns and collaborating with local and visiting artists.  I have enjoyed exploring the different small towns, but my favorite part of the project are the new friends I have made while visitng their communities. We are meeting August 30th in Warsaw, KY. You are welcome to join us. You can learn more about ArtZINE here:

For my entry, I decided to carve a woodcut poster. I haven’t carved a woodcut this size before, but once I settled into the rhythm of carving, it went smooth. Here are some photos and videos of the process:

Sketch on the block of wood

slow and steady…carving the first bird. (with Lulubelle’s Supervision)
more progress…
the carved block…ready for a test print!
The Test proof!

I have wanted to start making something that is big, affordable, and still original art, crafted by my hands (not gliclees or reproductions). I know a lot of people who love original art, and have big spaces on their walls, but they don’t have a big art budget. I think that woodcut posters could be the perfect solution.

I am printing this woodcut on a heavyweight, acid free 100% cotton paper.
The artwork is 12 1/2″x20″
The paper is 15″x22″

The posters are signed, but not limited or numbered; which lets me get the price down to $60. I’m still going to offer free shipping in the USA, however, the art will be rolled in a tube, instead of mailed flat.

If you are familiar with my work, you know that this is a great price for one of my woodcuts at this size. If I get a good response from this poster, I hope to be able to create more soon. Thanks everyone for supporting my work!

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Route 62 : Shell Gas Station, Russellville, OH

I live on US Route 62, and have an idea of a project where I explore the road from end (Niagara falls, Canada) to end (ciudad Juarez, México) this weekend, I took my first trip along the Highway (to Grove city, oh) this is an old highway, and there is a lot of nostalgia from when this was a main road, so and I thought the perfect first linocut for this project would be Skip’s garage in Russellville.

If you’d like one of the linocuts, I’m selling them for $20 (free shipping to the USA) to raise money for more travel along US Route 62

4 1/2″ x 6″ hand carved block prints printed on a 8×10″ sheet of printmaking paper, signed by the artist.

Using an old-fashioned etching press, this is a hand printed work of art, and there is some variety in each print, yours may differ slightly from the photo.

free shipping to USA


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New Woodcuts in the Online Gallery

If you watch my newsletter, social media or website, you probably know that I have been working on a new series of woodcuts. I’m excited to announce that they are, now available in my website’s gallery!!!

Bridge Over Ducky Water – Reduction Woodcut $90

Rabbit Hash General Store – Reduction Woodcut $90

Village on the River – Reduction Woodcut $90

Where the Creek Meets The River $90

Some are complex limited edition reduction prints (with 9-12 different colors).

Woodcut $25

Birds At Quilt Barn – $25

Birds In Branches $25

Sheep In The Stars – $25

Others: simple 2 block/2 color prints.

If you’d like me to send you one for your art collection, I’ll pay the shipping (as long as you live in the USA), just click any of the images for more details.

Or click here to visit the updated print gallery (multi-color linocuts and woodcuts)

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March ArtZine Linocut – Count Your Blessings

Every month, I visit a different small town and invite everyone to meet up and make an art maga(zine). Our theme for March’s ‘zine’ is LUCK. (We are meeting on March 26 In Brooksville, KY – come join us!)For my entry, i designed/carved/printed this linocut.


It seems like whenever I think about the things I DONT have in my life, i feel like an unlucky person. BUT – if I think about the things I DO have, I realize how lucky I am! That idea was the inspiration for this month’s linocut.


Count Your Blessings – Linocut
$25 (free shipping to the USA)

The image is 8×5″ and printed on an 11×14″ cotton paper. I made a few extras to sell for $25- not only do you get a beautiful handmade linocut, but you are also helping support my other art projects. For over 10 years, all of my income has come from art making, and your support. thank you for making it possible!


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Maysville Third Street – New Linocut

I live in a charming little river town-Maysville, Kentucky. It’s on the Ohio River-we have the river, bridge, and lots of historic buildings. That’s a lot of picture-perfect scenery to squeeze into my latest block print.

The print is a limited edition (im only printing 16). The  image is 4 1/2″x12″ on a sheet of 10×16″ cotton paper. If you’d like to have one for your collection, I am selling them for $60 unframed or $120 framed. I’ll pay the shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Framing Options