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Painting Progress

The paintings still are not finished, but you can start to get an idea of the colors/design I am trying to achieve with my new oil paintings.001


For those interested in my online art class…the ‘real life class’ was yesterday.  I am putting the images and multi-media together and will have an online version available soon. 

The idea is that you will be able to participate in the activities from home, then you can share your pictures online and get feedback + encouragement.

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Kids, Dinosaurs and T-Shirts

Last week, I had a fun screen printing T-Shirts with the kids at Ohio River Valley Artist Guild’s Art Camp.  I was too busy (and covered with ink) to take a photo of the kids with their creations.


Fortunately, one of my favorite photographers, Lorraine Marcella was at Art Camp while the children visited the dinosaurs at Kentucky Gateway Museum Center.

Thanks, Lorraine for letting me use your photo, see more of her photography at her website:

To see the making of the T-Shirts, visit my blog here:

and here:

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March Art Class – Negative Space

Every first Wednesday, I am giving a FREE art class in Old Washington.  March’s lesson was on negative space.

Negative space is the area around an object.  When you draw the negative space instead of the object, it is a good exercise for exploring the ‘shape’ of the object. 


It was a challenge, but I think everyone enjoyed the exercises, and developed their creative skills!


Next class will be April 6th at 1pm.  You are all invited!